Sudan and the link with the Diocese of Lui

Anne Powell – Shillingstone and Warren Ingham-Barrow – Marnhull visited Sudan in November 2009 and a second visit happened in November 2010. For more information please see below.

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Shirley, Anne and Jeannie are back from Sudan and will be filing a full report at a later date, in the meantime here are a few words and pictures from Shirley.

Photos of the MAF plane.

Our welcome at Mundri Airstrip

The Sunday School teachers conference.

We worked with the Sunday School teachers to show them how to use interactive material with the children. We used the theme of the Jesse Tree as the family tree of Jesus which they could add themselves into. We mixed a little flour and water and collected material availble for them. They imaginatively used craft to depict the birth of Jesus in a Tukle (traditional living space for the Moru people).

The well in Lui worked by children. I had a go and it is very hard work indeed.

This the Tukle we lived in - very big by Lui standards. 

The pastors conference. They wanted us to help them with ideas for their churches to be self sustainable financially. For example one pastor talked about collecting the grass from the fields. It can be put into bundles and sold for the roofing of the Tukles- the money to go to the church. Another Pastor spoke about planting a lemon tree and selling the fruit.One Pastor walked 39 miles to be with us. Another took 18 hours to walk to Lui. Transport is a huge problem.

Me with Hilda Karama- head of Mothers Union in Allanyi which is a parish in the Bush.


Shirley also writes:-

During my visit to Lui in November I witnessed at first hand how war can devastate a people. Destruction in terms of well being, of education, of wildlife. Disintegration of infrastructure and of all that people need to lead productive and creative lives. Southern Sudan and its people have clearly worked hard to regain some of what was lost.

We witnessed in Lui a hunger for peace and for education. People were working hard to rebuild their lives and their country.

As most of you know a Comprehensive Peace Agreement has now been in place for 6 years ending twenty years of civil war in which over 2 million died. On 9th January the people of Southern Sudan will decide whether to remain in a united Sudan or establish their own nation.

Prayer for Sudan at this time of change is very important. January 9th has been designated a day of prayer in churches across the Diocese. There is also an opportunity on Saturday January 8th when all are welcome to Holy Rood Shillingstone at 12 Midday for 30 minutes to remember our friends in Lui and pray for them. Please come if you can. Below is a prayer you may want to use.

Shirley Smith
December 2010

A Prayer for Sudan

Lord God Almighty,
King of Kings, Creator and Sustainer of all,
We cry to you for the people of Southern Sudan
as the completion of the
Comprehensive Peace Agreement approaches.

You know their hopes and fears,
You know the lack of organisation
For the Referendum,
You know the vested interest of some
And the weakness and simplicity of others,
You know the potential for violence,
And you know the hope in many hearts
For an established Christian society.

Move by the power of Your Spirit to bring
Order,peace and justice to this land,
That those who honour You
May live and work to your praise and glory.

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